Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stay warm and stylish and boost your serotonin

There's really nothing more invigorating that a cold, winter day when the sun shines so bright.
 And in these days I just wanna go out and enjoy the sun. And also exposure to the sunlight is thought to increase the brain's release of a hormone called serotonin (which is a happy hormone :-)  ).

So I was like a sunflower that follows the sun and this is what I wore, black jacket with fur, turtleneck, leather boots with fur and hat with fur pom :-))

Always hat in winter, since I remember, It's something like a must, the hats are my personal style statement. And this particularly, cute hat it's from Fila, I bought it in Torino (Italy) so it's kind of a souvenir :-)))

So don't waste the sunny days cuties, enjoy in life, do what makes you feel good ( boost your serotonin) wear what makes you feel good!
 Keep warm and keep well! ***

This is how I exposure to sun :-)

Hat - FILA
Sunglasses- Ray-ban
Massimo Dutti - jeans
ZINDA (Adam's) Shoes

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