Friday, February 08, 2019


This post it's about warm heart and frozen lake
 in the background. 
Million thoughts and strong emotions that could be"frozen" for a moment in the astonishment of aesthetic experience...

...feel by the amazing view, amazingly beautiful sky, the moment when you notice a white trails in the sky that plain left behind... and all the beauty that surround you. having fun with your friends, going for a coffee on a Sunday, drinking macchiato, wearing the boots that makes you feel cool and comfy, stepping in the snow...that how you can be present in the moment, experiencing life.

I named Iceland, but this post it's not about Nordic island country  :-) 
This post it's about warm chic, urban outfit in a cold winter day.
Stay warm, stylish 
and with positive thoughts ;-)


hat- H&M
Scarves - ZARA
Bag -Parfois
shoes - Darkwood

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