Monday, May 30, 2016

Tourist in Poland

Let me tell you that, being a tourist is such a "hard job" :-)

Going for a trip, you want to look nice, feel comfy and stylish, but in the same time be practical? Well you should pack smart, having 2-3 combination of outfits, cool shoes for walking. Don't pack many things, unnecessary, always leave extra space in your luggage for shopping ;-) 
Here I am in Poland, wearing 2 combinations, cool and casual look, very cool shoes for walking, cause tourist must walk all day, see the city, visit interesting places, find the best shopping malls and visit everything you can, having lunch and delcious dinners.  Also being an artist, participated on choir festival, having a concert, reharsals...Oh, oh, oh... I had a full-time agenda, I was really tired.
 My style statement - Hat. 

Always notice the best spot for little relax.
People empty me, I have to get away to refill. ( These are my thoughts, rites by C. Bukowski)

  I have always a mirror with me. 
Applying a Victoria's Secret lip gloss, i love it, it's flavored, stay long and you feel your lips smooth and shiny.

Calliope - Hat and beige blouse
ZARA - Leather jacket and shoes
Massimo Dutti - pants
New Yorker - blouse (leopard)
Parfois - bag
Ray Ban- sunnies

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