Saturday, December 03, 2016

Lady Style

In a world full of fashionistas and trends I choose to be myself.

So I feel that this is totally a lady look.
 Although the outfit I believe that being a lady it's not in the look, it's not in the wearing a nice hat, it's not in the "hold the pose" of a lady but being a lady it's a personality it's a style, the true elegance comes from the heart.  

I believe that being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness. 
A nice item of clothes not only that can make you look better but also can make you feel better, cheers you up, can make your movement confident and also playful. Like these chic boots that make my walk "vivace" playful and fun. My leather bag is in champagne metallic (and that's so trendy now) and gives a fantastic sparkle to the whole look, catching the reflections. 

So be playful and bring more fun in every moment.;-) 

Derma Medika - Skin care
Lindex- hat
ZARA- Skirt, blouse and bag
Mango- coat
Italian leather boots
INDISKA- Necklace

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