Friday, July 29, 2016


Salt on my skin you on my mind.

       Beach season is in full swing and we are obsessed with the idea of vacation. Going to the beach, swimming in crystal azure water, salt on our skin, bronze tan, breathing the sea air. Aww how I love that, that felling can refresh your soul. 

 So summer planning includes showing your beach body yeah, finding the perfect swimwear, and getting organized your beach essentials.
 So I joined in #BeachDayMusts conversation with ADORE ME in order to show you my list of beach esseential and also to suggest you to check out ADORE ME for finding the perfect swimwear for you ;-) They also have a sexy plus size option ;-) 
 You can choose one piece or bikini.
 I love one piece because it looks good. However, for tanning purposes better to wear a bikini. Also if the environment allows it you can be topless. :-))) 

Well, here is my beach essential list: 

BAG - floppy sun bag with golden reflections. Big enough. And in my bag I have a mirror, lip butter, wet wipes and some candy.

FLOPPY HAT - big hat for bigger sun protection and for more glamurous look.

CUTE SANDALS - practical and ideal for sand but also chic.

SKIN SUN PROTECTION FACTOR 50 -  Especially for your face (Sun cream face BIO-ACTIVE, high protection). You gonna tan regardless of the sunscreen ;-) I have a sensitive skin so I use SPF 50+ and I am tanning really nice :-).

SUNGLASSES - big and black.

BOTTLE OF WATER - Always stay hidrated. It should be glass botlle cause it's not good to have plastic bottle on the sun. I usually put 2 slices of lime (it's good ;-) ) not only that gives fresh aroma, but also makes the bottle joyfull :-) and you have a health benefits of lime such a skin care, weight loss,etc.

ACCESSORIES - some pop of color earrings and
 accessories for beach hair style.

HAND FAN - Cause lady needs a hand fan.

 Sometimes I have a book with me on the beach or somethin to write on.
But usually I prefer to look at the sea, the horizon, listening to the waves and metidate.

And don't forget one of the most importan things choose wisely your company!
Go on holiday with someone like you ;-)

Enjoy your vacation!

Gap - hat
Victoria's Secret - swimwear ( first pic)
Calzedonia bikini (second pic)
BVLGARI - sunglasses
Adam's shoes
Fergi - bag


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