Saturday, July 16, 2016

Marshmallow look

Yes, I am wearing  a "marshmallow" blouse :-) and I' m felling sweet :-)

Although having a good taste, style and nice items of clothes, there is one essential thing and that is to know how to wear your clothes, to give "soul" to what you are wearing. My mother always saying that, it's not just to dress up, you need to give soul to what you are wearing. And not only do I do that, I also give a name to my clothes :-))) yes, like here, I call this blouse marshmallow. 
In light pastel pink color, it's so soft and looks lovely and chique.
 And one of the things that I adore is back décolleté.
In combination with boyfriend ripped jeans, silver reflections and cool and comfy shoes.

I got a casual and cute outfit. For summer day when is not so hot.

OFF to shopping and chines food.

Yummi...Sweet and sour chicken, stewed lotus root with dry bamboo shoot.

ZARA -Marshmallow blous
ZARA - bag
New Yorker - jeans
NINE WEST -shoes
ESPIRIT- watch
Ray Ban - sunglasses

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