Saturday, September 24, 2016

Free spirt, bra free, makeup free.

This is day of the liberty look :-)))) as you can see.

 Felling free also mean being confident. 

Day after my facial tretmen in DERMA MEDIKA I made a photo shoot without makeup. I 
love always the felling of clean skin after doing a facial treatment, and it feels so good.
 DERMA MEDIKA has been taking care of my skin for 6 years very professional and painless and Bravo for that!

About my look, I got neutral colors, blush pink bodysuit, champagne metalic bomber jacket and
light denim. 
 Super cool and casual look that can be combinated with heels or flat shoes, or sneakers.
Drake and hotline bling inspired me to do this! :-))))

Choker love since high school, but this choker is my summer crash (Parfois).

C&A -  bomber jacket
Bershka - bodysuit
ZARA - jeans
Parfois - choker
Ray-ban - sunnies

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