Sunday, October 09, 2016

I am the only authority in my world!

Classy + Sexy = POWERFUL
 When the outfit complements my attitude - I walk with the "soudtrack":-) : I am the only authority in my world!!!!!
Elegant and fabulous look.
 White high waisted pants, body blouse with open décolleté and high heels in nude color.
On long pants, strech classic flare MUST WEAR  shoes with closed toe - IT'S A MUST! 
With this combination I have delicate jewellery, platinum necklace and mother of pearl earrings.

 Love this combo! Such a color harmony :-) Harmony is everything!


ZARA - body blouse
H&M - pants
Parfois- bag
ADAM'S shoes 
Ray-ban shades
Skin Care - Derma Medika

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